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Mantova: Cultural workshops

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Mantova on 28 and 29 September for the final appointment of ArtLab 17, entitled Laboratori Culturali (Cultural Workshops): the two-day programme will be a real design workshop with the most reputable experts and professionals in the sector in view of the upcoming European Year of Cultural Heritage and its presentation during the Forum della Cultura (Culture Forum) in Milan in December 2017.

This year too, the ArtLab programme will engage with and be part of the FattidiCultura, an event promoted by the Pantacon consortium, now in its fourth edition, which offers an opportunity for reflection, discussions and experience linked to regenerating both physical and intangible spaces in urban and suburban contexts and using the language of culture.

Towards 2018, European Year of Cultural Heritage

On 17 May the European Council and Parliament declared 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, outlining 14 objectives aimed at protecting, safeguarding, re-using, strengthening, promoting and adding value to Europe’s cultural heritage.

The afternoon of Thursday 28 September and Friday 29 in the morning ArtLab 17 Mantova is offering cultural and creative professionals, both institutional and independent, industries and civil society organisations an exercise with the goal of identifying guidelines and operative steps to enhance material, immaterial and digital cultural heritage in 2018 and in the years to follow. In Mantua working groups will get together to discuss the skills, experience and innovative visions of those who are involved enhancing cultural heritage by participatory projects, audience engagement projects, social inclusion processes, enhancement policies, digital tools and services, contemporary productions and projects and European networks, studies, research.  

The invitation to participate is open to all professionals in the sector, enrolled in ArtLab. The strategic-operative recommendations which will emerge from the working groups, supported by a common commitment to implement them, initially in the participants’ organisations and projects, will all be presented on Friday 29  September at 12.00 to the representatives of public and private institutions.

The Official Gazette of the European Union: Decision (EU) 2017/864 of the European Parliament and Council, dated 17 May 2017, related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018)


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