Bergamo 2021

September 2021, 22-25

With the 2020 edition, ArtLab has launched a cycle of events that will accompany Bergamo and Brescia towards 2023 when they will be Italian Capitals of Culture, contributing to the participatory and transversal planning process.

The orientation towards the innovation of practices and policies in a cross-sectoral and international dimension, a distinctive element of ArtLab's programming, will characterise the topics of the 2021 event: cultural welfare, the role of the cultural and creative sectors in the regeneration of cities and territories for sustainable development, the rethinking of cultural venues and sites and organisations, the opportunities and conditions for the use of artificial intelligence and digitalisation. There will also be a debate with the Parliament and the Government on the protection and rights of the cultural professions and on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The event, considering the development of the pandemic situation, will take place in a mixed format in digital and in presence, with some appointments on site open to the local stakeholder and communities.

Show Programme

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