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Against a backdrop of general uncertainty, the 2022 iteration of ArtLab confirms its vocation as a space for discussion between the various players in the cultural sector, thanks to the strengthening of its inclusivity and workshop aspects.

Working together in a cross-sectoral perspective is even more important for the cultural and creative sector in order to counter fragmentation and sectoralisation, even within the sector. With this in mind, we have taken steps to guide the choice of themes, experiences and formats to facilitate dialogue within the supply chains, with institutional stakeholders and representatives of other sectors.

The meetings will be structured in different formats:

  • Working tables and workshops
  • Plenary sessions
  • Meetings of national and international project networks and organisations


Bergamo and Bari/Matera: the two main stages

ArtLab 2022 confirms the two main stages where participants will meet in person – Northern and Southern Italy – in Bergamo (September 22–23, 2022) and in Bari/Matera (December 1–3, 2022). They will host workshops and thematic working tables on the role of cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) and the 2021–27 programming, as well as plenary sessions, meetings of project networks and meetings of national and international organisations. The workshops on the NRRP and cohesion policies aim to analyse critical issues and solutions on actions and projects in progress, to discuss operational guidelines and tools and to discuss them with stakeholders and policy-makers.

ArtLab Satellites

In addition to the 2022 programme, during the course of the year there are the Satellites, a series of hybrid events – online and in person – which provide timely updates on institutional deadlines and the development of guidelines for national programmes and the release of programmes and calls for proposals.
The aim is to build a permanent observation process to assess the effectiveness of actions in progress, to propose regulatory adjustments and new action and support tools.

ArtLab Dialogues

In line with the objective of fostering the dissemination of the contents that emerge during the workshops and meetings, with a view to providing useful tools for the sector, ArtLab 2022 intends to reinforce with the Dialogues the connection with other places of discussion, thanks to the participation in S.E.M.I. (Cultura Italiae) and Ravello Lab (Federculture).

Thematic strands

The cross-sectoral perspective represents a compass for ArtLab in the choice of themes and, with this in mind, six thematic strands have been identified:

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