Break-in the desk: artistic and creative innovation in business and public administration

4 May 21:30 to 23:30
Matera - La Lopa

Presentation, registration through website required. For info:

Vania Cauzillo, Film director and cultural
Marika Montemurro, Illustrator
Paolo Montemurro, Project Area Director, Materahub
Carlotta Vitale, Actress and Educator
Raffaele Vitulli, Co-founder e Project Manager, Materahub


Storytelling of the Break-in action experiences as they happened in Nantes and Cordoba where the Materahub Consortium, leading proponent of the European project, brought together artists from all over Europe to debate with a public organisation and a tourist operator, both looking for stimuli and solutions.

The manual to help artists develop and propose Break-in Actions to business and the public administration will be presented.