New models of collaboration for the management and cultural and social enhancement of the public heritage of local authorities: co-programming, co-planning, Public-Private Partnership

06 07 11:00 to 16:30
Aula Didattica Multimediale
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Live session

Continuing the debate on the innovations introduced by art. 151 of the New Code of Public Contracts on the promotion of further and similar forms of partnership with other public and private entities in the field of cultural heritage, the seminar is dedicated to the development of skills and the learning of tools for the enhancement of cultural heritage disseminated through the forms of Special Partnership.

The workshop has a technical-legal address. Registration is free but mandatory and is reserved for administrators, officials and managers of the Culture and Heritage sectors of the Regions and local authorities.

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There is no live streaming.


Antonella Galdi, Vice Segretaria nazionale, ANCI

Fabio Renzi, Secretary general, Fondazione Symbola


Luciano Gallo, ANCI Emilia Romagna

Franco Milella, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo

Marisa Lupelli, Comune di Bari

Vincenzo Santoro, ANCI

Sandra Viada, Comune di Cuneo