The project

ArtLab: Territories, Culture, Innovation, is an independent Italian platform dedicated to innovation in cultural policies, programmes and practices.

Promoted in 2006 by the Fitzcarraldo Foundation, it is based on a network of over 40 partners including European networks, cultural agencies and institutes from different countries, public administrations, territorial agencies, foundations, companies, institutions, universities, and professional organizations.

ArtLab's mission is to contribute to developing and strengthening the role of the cultural and creative sectors in both society, the economy and public institutions, and to the acknowledgement of their contribution to the creation of social and economic value.

The pursuance of this mission is achieved through opportunities for critical discussion on policies, programmes, projects and practices, with the active involvement of stakeholders within the cultural and creative environment in a cross-sectoral and transnational perspective.

The objective is to outline strategic guidelines and operational indications, useful both to the professional community and stakeholders, and first of all to public and private decision-makers.

All the above are to be achieved through the following six lines of action:

Generating new ways of thinking

Knowing and influencing the policies and decision-making processes of the public, private and third sectors

Promoting national and international debate al local level

Developing the European and international dimension of the Italian cultural and creative ecosystem

Enhancing Italian experiences and perspectives at an international level

Disseminating the results and content that emerge both in Italy and abroad